Annelese Knudsen

Hi! I'm Annie, and I'm the nerd you want on your team.




This is who I am

I'm Annie, a British designer & strategist living in Stockholm. Born and raised in the south of England to British-Danish parents, I've always been fascinated by my Scandinavian heritage. In 2012, after completing my fashion degree in Manchester I moved to Sweden. Currently, I'm studying at Hyper Island on the Interactive Art Direction program.


This is what I do

I'm a creative strategist and digital enthusiast, who wants to do and try everything. Coming from a commercial fashion background, my connection to design stems from an intuitive love of producing products and services based on understanding people's needs today, tomorrow and beyond. I am endlessly curious and actively seek out opportunities to improve myself and my skill-set. One of my biggest drivers is exploring what motivates people, whether it be users, consumers or my team. I love to challenge myself and my colleagues to question design and working methods and I take a lot of pride in creating environments for people to explore and develop not only their ideas but themselves.



I love alliteration, old maps and things that come in threes.

Pub quizzing is my favourite sport

I have completed the tjejvasan ski marathon, raced hovercraft for GB and play netball for Stockholm.

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